I don’t know why the first line of any written material is always the hardest. I have sat down and attempted to start this intro so many times, and each time I genuinely feel stumped on how to introduce this blog. I’ve been in the fashion industry, in some capacity, for the past 4 or so years. (I've always been a fashionista at heart, thanks mom!) And the one thing I have heard consistently is, “You should start a fashion blog”. To be honest, I love writing and blogging. I have had a couple personal blogs in the past that I thoroughly enjoyed, but like a lot of things in my past, they eventually fizzled out. I am not always the best with staying committed to things. Anyone else a serial hobbyist? Am I the only one with a closet full of craft supplies for those Pinterest projects you were so excited to shop for but never got around to finishing? Anyone? Bueller? It’s definitely not a trait I am proud of, and something I strive to be better about daily. It's because of this that I have been hesitant to add another “thing” to my already full plate. And if I can be perfectly honest, the idea of fashion blogging has truly never ignited those creative sparks in the way that other creative outlets do. But I am a story teller, and I love to write, so for one reason or another, I keep coming back to this blog.


The Teal Eagle has grown so much over the past year, and has far exceeded any expectations I originally had. There is so much we (The Teal Eagle Team) want to share with YOU! So naturally it makes sense to jumpstart this little boutique blog, however imperfect this introduction may be. From seasonal trends, to holiday capsules, in store events, and maybe a little personal/work-life-balance inspiration, we have a lot in the line up and this blog is the PERFECT place to showcase it all in one place. I’ve recently realized that it’s now or never. It's time to dive into the projects on my “want to do” list instead of just continuing to re-write them on my goal sheet at the beginning of each month .

So if you're new here, welcome. I am excited to get to connect with you a little bit better. If you've been around for a little while, thanks for hanging with us all this time. You know we love you! This is only the beginning over here, so get ready for some really rad stuff.

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