About Us

The Teal Eagle:

A place for women who aren’t afraid to express themselves through fashion. We believe clothing is an art and what you wear says a lot about who you are. Whether you’re looking for a simple classic style to integrate into your everyday wardrobe, or you’re on the hunt for something a little edgier, we’ve got you covered. We search high and low for unique items you won’t find in the store next door.

We always make sure to select the highest-quality, price-affordable pieces (and accessories) for women looking to own their freedom through fashion! With limited inventory and hand-picked exclusive items, not everyone will have what you have, only a select few. Like an eagle, hard to find, but always one-of-a-kind, just like you! Whether you’re celebrating something big or just looking to treat yourself for fun, visit us online or at the store and we’ll take good care of you.

About the owner Tatiana:

I love funky fashion, a good margarita, sassy language, and birds. When I'm not working the Teal Eagle, you can find me mommin' my two kiddos, hiking with my dogs, in the pit of a concert, or traveling. Life is short and I believe in fearlessly living it.