If you know me in the slightest, you know that I love music. And for me music and fashion are quite the duo. A lot of my style inspiration comes from the music industry. Pop, rock n roll, funk, hip hop, you name it, but country music is definitely at the top of that list. Now that I think about it, I suppose a dream job would be styling for the leading ladies in country music. I grew up idolizing Dolly Parton, Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, Reba McEnitre, and all things country music show business. Cowboy boots, fringe, rhinestones, big hair... I was all about the rodeo girl glitz and glam. I mean, at one point, I was a country music singer for Halloween y'all. For me, there is nothing quite as nostalgic as 90s country.

So it's no surprise that I've grown into a woman who loves a good concert. I can't sing worth a damn, but man do I love live music. I like to be right up front in the pit where all the action happens. I love everything about the chaos on stage, the set up and break down between acts, the loud noises, and for the most part the rowdy crowd. (I despise the cell phones, but I suppose its the price we pay for the era we live in.)

It should come as no surprise, that with every good concert comes an even better outfit. I LOVE LOVE LOVE creating concert inspired ensembles for anyone who will let me. And country music concerts, especially in the summer, are easy to dress for at The Teal Eagle. From dresses, rompers, to tanks and fringe, we've always got a little something for a night of music. AND this week, we just launched some super fabulous music inspired tanks specifically for concert season.


I feel like country concerts are easy to dress for because you really can't go wrong with cowboy boots. Pair your favorite boots with some denim shorts (cut offs if you wanna feel real at home) and a super cute graphic tank. Eagles, music quotes, and patriotic pieces are all country concert staples. 


Bullets, camo, and hunting inspired gear are also safe bets for the country music scene. Distressed denim and stars pair well with this "Bite the Bullet" muscle tank. Because I am a boot collector, I alternate between calf height boots and knee high boots depending on the look I'm trying to create.


Now like I mentioned before, you can't be a rhinestone cowgirl without a little bling and a whole lotta fringe. I stock up on fringe, sequins, and cowgirl glam items all year long. Fringe tank tops, sequin jackets, fringe jackets, beaded boots, fringe earrings, studded vests... really the possibilities are endless here. You can keep it simple or take it as wild as you want. Theres 100% a place for you in the crowd. Me, I don't mind making a statement ;)



Let's be honest, is there any country song more recognizable than "Friends in Low Places"? You cannot go wrong with an ode to a classic, like this "Blame It All On My Roots" graphic tank. A little Jonny, Willie, or Waylon wouldn't hurt either.


Alcohol inspired fashion is pretty much a go for any concert, and country concerts are no exception. Pair your sassy little graphic with some jean shorts or a fringe skirt, and you are ready to rock n roll. I like to make a statement with my boots. Every cowgirl needs a good pair of boots, and while I have a few pricey investments, I also have a few vintage finds I picked up at the thrift store. Another tip: For the expensive boot brands, I shop off season or sample sales :)


If sassy graphics, fringe, or sequins aren't your thing. You can't go wrong with a little sun dress or a lace cami tank and shorts combo. Country music concerts really are a SUMMER staple, especially here, so keeping cool and casual is always a plus. The weather is often hot and sticky, so loose tanks that flow or easy dresses are a safe bet.


If you've got plans to hit up a concert this summer, country or any other genre, stop by the store and let us help you create the perfect outfit. We've got all kinds of tanks, tops, dresses, and jewelry to fit the music you love.


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