Can you believe it's almost 4th of July? We are officially half way through 2019, summer is in full effect, and in a few short days we will be celebrating our nation's independence. Its become tradition in our family to have a big beach day on the 4th (one of the perks of living a few minutes from the beach) followed by a BBQ with family. I've grown up at the beach, and used to take it for granted in my younger days. But now as an adult with my own kids, I know how truly lucky we are to live so close, and to literally "beach it" any day we want. The 4th of July always feels so special because everyone is off from work, we can get together with no real agenda and just enjoy each other's company out in the sunshine. I guess it's kind of like Thanksgiving except without the turkey (and we're all wearing bathing suits which doesn't exactly fit the dress code for my normal Turkey Day festivities.) I don't take quality time with friends and family for granted, so I definitely try to soak up everything about these days. With that said, I definitely honor and appreciate the sacrifices made by those who came before us so that we may enjoy beach day BBQs and more. I don't take our freedoms for granted in the slightest.

I also don't miss an opportunity to dress for the occasion. Patriotic fashion is quite possibly one of my favorite themes. I may or may not have 8 different variations of Americana themed kimonos hanging in my closet, and believe me when I say, I wear them all. From concerts, to festivals, to casting my vote on Election Day, in my opinion, American themed attire is perfect for any occasion. I will rock my flag inspired options on a random Tuesday without hesitation, but if that's not really your jam, rest assure you CAN dress "patriotic" without looking like a walking billboard for the good Ol' USA.

This oversized vintage American Flag themed kimono has been one of our top sellers for the past two summers. It's a statement by itself and easy to wear with just about anything. Pair the kimono with a tank top and some denim shorts like you see here, over your bathing suit while lounging at the pool, or even wear it with leggings for a casual "around the house" look. With a bold piece like this, you really don't have to put much effort into creating a 4th of July inspired look.  A lot of our customers wear this kimono to concerts and they always message me about all the compliments they receive. 


Stars are huge in fashion and an easy concept to incorporate into your 4th of July fashions. (Bonus if its red, white, or blue.) This casual blue and white razor back tank is an easy go-to with white shorts or skinny jeans, plain jean shorts, or even black bottoms. It's got just enough of that "patriotic" feel without taking it overboard. You can absolutely wear this tank top all summer long, and not feel like you're stuck on 4th of July repeat.


Another way to dress for the summer holiday is by incorporating camo into your outfit of the day. Camouflage is a huge fashion trend, and easy to wear all year long. Camo is a good option if you don't want the stars and stripes vibe, but you still want to feel "holiday-esque"(Not sure if that's a even a word, but we're gonna go with it)


Its easy to add pops of red, white, or blue with your jewelry choices. Earrings, bracelets, headbands, purses etc, can all add that pop of patriotism you're looking for without feeling like you over did it. One of my favorite in-store vendors are Valor Bands. (Pictured below) Valor Bands are cuff bracelets made out of donated solider's uniforms. Each bracelet is sold with a little tag that contains information about the person who wore the uniform. Based out of Nashville, Valor Bands are one of my favorite ways to honor those who have so selflessly fought for our freedoms. 



For more information about Valor Bands check out their website: and follow their instagram:


Check out a few more 4th of July inspired looks below. Items can be found online or in store, so stop by the store or contact us today to complete your holiday look!


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